The James Taylor Quartet at Uppermill Civic Hall

Not long now till we host the brilliant James Taylor Quartet if you are not familiar with them here our press release penned by the brilliant music journalist Simon Smedley.

FUNK, soul, rock, jazz – whichever genre of music you’re into, you’re in for a treat on Friday, November 3, when the legendary James Taylor Quartet roll into town to play PopUp’s latest live extravaganza at the Uppermill Civic Hall.

Hammond organ specialist James formed the Quartet back in 1987 following the demise of popular south-east-based mod hero’s the Prisoners after their record label – Stiff Records – went bust.

Roll on 30 years and having released almost 50 singles and albums combined, the James Taylor Quartet are as busy as ever and a truly special night is in prospect in Uppermill.

James and the rest of the band – guitarist Mark Cox, bassist Andrew McKinney and drummer Pat Illingworth – are generally pigeon-holed as a top-drawer jazz funk outfit, but the main man insists that a wide-ranging set is in store for eager north-west based fans next month.

James, whose band kicked off in the early days covering a number of popular film and TV themes such as ‘Blow-up’ and ‘Starsky and Hutch’, said: “Our set will feature many jazz funky-type tracks, but we will mix it up for everyone a little too.

“There’ll be a little rock in there, some soul, some jazz as we are still very popular on that particular circuit, and we might throw in a few covers.

“We’ll also play a few numbers off our latest double album release, which is due out later in November.

“Think of it as a night inspired by the likes of James Brown, Otis Redding, and even the Prisoners maybe.

“We are still very busy gigging, but I do get tired if we play and tour too much.

“I tend to work as hard as I can for a guy in his mid-50s!

“I just see playing live as a privilege though. It’s incredibly hard work, but we all love it and we love offering the fans a real cross section of the music which we’ve been all about over the years.”

The JTQ are still hugely popular in London, and still get out on the road for around nine months each year – that’s testimony to their popularity and continued faith shown by their dedicated fan-base, one which will surely increase a little further on the back of the Uppermill show.

Pop-Up’s November 3 show will also provide James with something a reunion, as also featuring on the bill are the Rainkings (featuring front-man Stephen Holt of Inspiral Carpets fame) and the Oldham band’s fellow legendary keyboard ace Clint Boon, who will be in town manning the DJ decks (as will Revolution Radio’s Dave Sweetmore).

James added: “It’s going to be amazing to see Clint and Stephen again as the Quartet’s first-ever Manchester gig way back in 1987 was alongside the Inspiral Carpets, down at the Academy in Manchester.

“I remember Clint’s brilliant organ sound from those two nights (the two bands also shared the bill in Sheffield on that tour) so it’ll be lovely to have a catch-up. I remember Noel Gallagher being a roadie for the band, too.

“I know it was a long time ago, but I recall the Inspiral Carpets were great sounding live.”

Tickets for Pop-Up’s latest class night of live music on November 3, featuring the James Taylor Quartet, the Rainkings, and DJs Clint Boon and Dave Sweetmore, are now available  HERE


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