My Ethos

I have been putting on gigs and DJing for many years. I  have found the key is to only put bands on that we love.

The music that rocks my socks ranges from Garage to Northern Soul, Punk to Dance, Indie to Electronic. You know good stuff!

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Tim Simpson

Garage Rocker, Northern Soul Dancer and Mod

The Jam was the first band he saw and The Smurfs was the first record he bought! One out of two isnt bad. Best live gigs have been The Wedding Present, The Prisoners, The Seeds, Wreckless Eric-the list goes on and on. When not Mountainbiking or Climbing or out gigging I race a Lambretta in The British Scooter racing Championship. for Scootopia Racing Team.

I couldn't put on the gigs without the help of my friends, I do it for the love of it but I really couldn't do with out all the people that help me out.

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